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Technical Report - What Happens when Nothing Happens - Clerc and Poli

Cannibal Crickets on a Forced March for Protein and Salt - Simpson

Effective Leadership & Decision Making in Animal Groups on the Move - Couzin

Social Organisation in Fish Fusion Societies - Couzin

Particle Swarm Optimisation - Clerc

CEC-2006 - Langdon, Poli ---CEC-2006 Slides

Fish VRML - Poli

Benchmarks - Langdon

Kernal methods for PSOs - Langdon, Poli

Evolving Optimisation Benchmarks - Langdon

GUPPY WEBSITE: New Swarm Simulator at Goldsmiths, and soon Kent!

Evolving Problems to Learn about Particle Swarm and other Optimisers - Langdon, Poli

Landscape Produced by Genetic Programming Where Constriction Helps Particle Swarm Optimisation - Langdon

IEEE Swarm 2005 - Frietas

Dynamics of a Swarm - Clerc

Collective Memory and Spatial Sorting in Animal Groups - Couzin, Krause, James, Ruxton, Franks

XPS Project Presentation PDF - Poli

Understanding Particle Swarm Optimisation by Evolving Problem Landscapes - Langdon

Extended Particle Swarm Optimisation via Genetic Programming - Poli, Holland, Langdon

PSO for Bioinformatics - Frietas, Johnson (NB: In MS Power Point format)

Constrained Molecular Dynamics as a Search & Optimisation Tool - Poli, Stephens

Exploring Extended Particle Swarms: A Genetic Programming Approach - Poli, DiChio, Langdon


Please note: Most of these papers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To obtain a free Acrobat reader please click here:

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