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XPS Contacts Page

For anti-spamming purposes the email addresses here have been made unsearchable by being divided into 2 sections.
Those sections are:
The A - email name of the individual followed by B - the name of the ISP
As in all good maths... A + B = C


Name   Email Name   ISP
Dr. Tim Blackwell  


Mr. Daniel Bratton   dbratton
Prof. David Broomhead  


Mr. Maurice Clerc   maurice.clerc
Mr. Elon Santos Correa   esc
Dr. Iain Couzin  



Dr. Darren Croft  


Ms. Cecilia Di Chio   cdichi
Prof. Marco Dorigo   mdorigio
Prof. Russ Eberhart   reberhar
Dr. Alex Freitas   a.a.freitas
Prof. Owen Holland   owen
Mr. Muddassar Iqbal   mi26
Dr. Colin Johnson   c.g.johnson
Dr. James Kennedy   kennedy_jim
Dr. Jens Krause   j.krause
Prof. Thiemo Krink   krink
Dr. Bill Langdon   wlangdon
Dr. Paul Marrow   paul.marrow
Prof. Riccardo Poli   rpoli
Mr. Toby Richer   t.richer
Dr. Christopher R. Stephens   csteph
Ms. Sharone Neuhoff   sharone

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